Data Warehousing

Our solutions represent a complete approach comprising of data integration, cleansing, transformation, master data management, building decision support systems, performance tuning as well as backups and archival strategy.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse is a special database that contains institutional and departmental data. Data warehousing has become an important technology even for small to mid-size companies for data analysis. One of the issues we encounter with data warehouses is performance, since we combine large amount of data from multiple data sources.

A Data Warehouse Is A Structured Repository of Historic Data. It Is Developed in an Evolutionary Process By Integrating Data From Non-integrated Legacy Systems.

It Is Usually:

  • Subject Oriented
  • Integrated
  • Time Variant
  • Non-volatile

Development of a data warehouse includes development of systems to extract data from operating systems plus installation of a warehouse database system that provides managers flexible access to the data.

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